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Slow Tuscany

Is also a book: the pleasure of stopping and leaving again, but with no hurry, towards a multi-faced (tuscan) reality.
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Slow Tuscany:
a (slow) journey towards...

We'll follow the traces of the ancient and modern Etruscans; we will image over popular tales from the Maremma countryside and deliver Breton swords embedded in the golden stones of the Sienese hills. We'll stop on the scaffoldings of certain Florentine churches, next to acrobat-painters, to observe and nearly smell the scent of fresh colors just laid down on the wall.
We will hope for the destiny of poor witches and long-nosed puppets, sail for "not-yet-found" islands and eventually dive into the thermal waters of clear stone baths.
This is also another journey in Tuscany: the pleasure of stopping and leaving again ,but with no hurry, towards a multi-faced reality.

Monastery at Calci
1. Count Ugolino: it was the fast...
2. The Gentle Giants of Tuscany
3. The Tuscan Wetlands
4. The Monestery of Calci
5. The Tower-Houses of Pisa

6. Gostanza - The 'Witch' of San Miniato
7. San Vivaldo - Tuscany's own Jerusalem
8. Art & Nature in Tuscany - The saga of the Cypress
9. Toiano alle Brota: the dying village

Duomo in Massa Marittima duomo

1. Superstitions of Tuscany "Per Venere e per Marte..."

2. Sorano
3. The Tuscan Wetlands
4. Nomadeflia: a proposition

Jerusalem of San Vivaldo

1. Talking about David...

2. Madonna and the Flying Saucer
3. Masaccio's Trinity
4. Giovanni Gonnelli - The blind sculptor
5. Florentine Football

6. Tuscany's Wetlands

Lucca: - San Michele in Borgo

1. Ilaria del Carretto: The Treasure of Lucca
2. Carnival
3. The Tuscan Wetlands
4. Pinocchio

The Gulf of Baratti

1. Populonia: The iron of the Etruscans
2. Il Sator Arepo
3. The Island of Montecristo
4. Art & Nature in Tuscany - The Saga of the Cypress
5. The Tuscan Wetlands

Piero della Francesca

Park of Pinocchio

1. The Tuscan Wetlands
2. Pinocchio

Val d'Orcia in the Siena Countryside

1. Siena: a noble fairytale

2. The modern day Etruscans of Murlo
3. Monte Amiata & its Vulcano
4. Ambrogio Lorenzetti & the Good Government of Siena
5. San Galgano & the sword in the rock: King Arthur in Tuscany
6. The Abbey of Sant'Antimo
7. The Good Giants of Tuscany
8. Mt.Sante Marie & the Crete Senesi

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